Phoenix, Huge Light Rail Ridership Increases!

Impressive, Phoenix isn’t my favorite city, primarily for idealogical reasons and the mere physics of a city smack in the middle of a desert. But some people there are trying to improve things and make it… ┬ásustainable? Not sure that’s possible, but this news is a good thing for sure.

The light rail that Phoenix had built a number of years ago has seen a surge in ridership.

Total Boardings for August: 1,166,156 vs 982,776 in July.

Avg. Weekday Boardings: 42,054 vs 34,168 in July.

Avg Saturday Boardings: 28,592 vs 27,935 in July.

Avg Sunday / Holiday Boardings: 21,138 vs 25,585 in July.

My suggestion, if you’re going to go live in the desert (at your own risk) then be sure to live along the light rail line. Better value for your money and less reliance on a single mode of transport (your car) is a good thing.