The Rides I’m Looking Forward To… Top 10

There are numerous transit systems that are building out, even in spite of this recession/depression era we exist in. Overall, things are looking bad for transport, transport freedom, and many of these things. But also the winds of change, the attitudes of people, and the human characteristics that we have are starting to come forth and change this outlook!

These rides I’m looking forward to are on some of the systems that will slowly begin to change things for the better. That will help us move forward toward complete streets and better livability! If you know of others I’ve missed, please let me know!  🙂

NOTE: These aren’t particularly in any order of priority, just on the list. The biggest element of these is that they are being built, are already funded, and clearly have a completion in sight or are already done!

  1. Portland Streetcar – East Side Loop.
  2. Portland Milwaukee Light Rail & Transit Only Bridge Crossing.
  3. Seattle Sound Transit Link Light Rail University Extension.
  4. Seattle First Hill Streetcar (and finally being able to enter that city in a classy way via the renovated King Street Station + Streetcar to the coolest place in the city (Cap Hill, etc)).
  5. New Orleans Streetcar Extension from Union Station to Canal Street Streetcar.
  6. San Diego Streetcar/Light Rail.
  7. High Speed Rail in Europe or England – to anywhere, I don’t mind which one. 🙂
  8. Little Rock Arkansas Streetcar – I have a fascination with this streetcar, since it is in such a red state with an oddly small city/downtown.
  9. Paris Light Rail & Subway – Nuff’ Said.
  10. TBD – I know there is something out there that I need to put higher on my priority list, but am keeping it open for now. Any suggestions?


  1. I would strongly suggest checking out some heritage or tourist railroads. I’m a steam railroad enthusiast, so I would gravitate to those, but others–the Baltimore Streetcar Museum in Baltimore,, Md., the National Capitol Trolley Museum in Wheaton, Md., the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, Pa., and the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, Ca., are transit and/or electric railroad oriented. The Shade Gap Electric Railroad in Orbisonia, Pa., connects with the East Broad Top narrow-gauge railroad, and some of the EBT’s cars are from the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn, a Boston-area commuter road that was electrified after 1928.

    I would suggest doing a search for “trolley museums,” or something similar, to see what you can find in your area.

    Why fool with this old stuff? I think it’s important to see where we once were, and they are fun anyway! Good and clean fun, too–except for the cinders on the roads with coal-burning steam engines!


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