My Rides… (AKA How I Get Around)

Primary Mode:  The Boots (AKA My Two Feet)

Most of my activities center around walking a little bit. It doesn’t take a lot, but I’d suspect I walk 2 or 3x as much as the average American. This aspect of getting around however is more important than any of the others. I’m extremely thankful everyday that I wake up and get to walk somewhere.

Secondary Mode:  Giant Seek Series Bike

My commute, for entertainment, for exercise, and more all comes down to my bike. I have a ~5ish mile commute, which I can accomplish in about 30 minutes with a slow ride, and a 24 minutes with a fast ride. Bus takes 18 minutes early, driving takes 24-45 minutes (depending on traffic), so it works really well for my commute. In insure, with whatever I do or where I live I stay in logical distances of the things I need; grocery store, movies, bars, work (which is often difficult), and all that jazz.  🙂

Tertiary Mode:  King County Transit, Sound Transit, and Amtrak

For a lot of my commuting, I have used the King County Metro System. For the first year I was in Seattle, that’s all I really used, with a few walks to work. Originally my commute was less than a mile to work, now it is about 5. I ride the #44 and #18 a lot to different tech events and other things downtown and in the U-District. I’ve even taken more than a few rides out of downtown on the Sound Transit Light Rail and Sounder Commuter Rail for events, meetings, and other such things.

For holidays, conferences, and other special events in Portland, I frequently ride the Amtrak Cascades. This is a spectacular way to travel between cities, and of course if you control your life and don’t let your schedule do that, the train is easily the most luxurious and relaxing way between these cities.

Last Resort:  ZipCar and Airlines

Sometimes I have to have some sort of car, which is extremely rare. Sometimes I want to go out of the country, or far far away (like the east coast)

So what are your modes of transport that you generally rely upon? Are you walking only, bike only, a heavy transit user and still own a car?

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