The Best Commute is The Faux Commute

So technically, I don’t really have a commute. I wake up, walk across the hall and I’m in the office. Sometimes, if I sit down at a coffee shop I’m in the office or simply while on the bus, train or in a park. There’s a big plus to this type of work style; the freedom, higher productivity and related things for the ephemeral “creative class”, but there are negatives too. Namely that I’m always “at work”. However, even though I do love what I do and don’t technically have a commute, I sometimes give myself one to get started in the morning.

The Faux Commute

The commute that I sometimes give myself consists of a 2+ mile hustle down the bike corridors, lanes and roads of Portland to one of my favorite coffee shops. Going from the west side of the river to the east, here’s a video of my commute to the coffee shop office. Also note, I’m a metal head true and true, so I put some material from my favorite band into rotation for this video (hope it’s alright by them, if they contact me I’ll take it down, sadly).

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