In Denver, Finding Amtrak…

Today is Friday, the last day of the engineering meetup I came to Denver for, but the first day of city, coffee, transit explorations and finding my egress point from Denver, Amtrak. Currently Amtrak isn’t using Denver’s grand Union Station because it is being worked on and renovated for multiple rail lines, transit connections and other things as Denver’s upcoming intermodal hub. The station is without doubt absolutely beautiful. Here’s a photo of it with the Oxford Hotel sign in the forefront, my residence while staying in Denver this week.

Union Station, Denver

Union Station, Denver (Click for the large image)

I made a short video of my expedition to find the Amtrak Station.

Finding Amtrak in Denver from Adron Hall on Vimeo.

Stay tune, I’ll have more videos, photos and information on Denver real soon. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of upcoming potential. The downtown is booming, even when it’s freezing. Overall I’ve been impressed. You’ll be hearing more about Denver here on the Transit Sleuth real soon.


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