Portland Milestone, 100th Bike Corral & The Largest Valet Bike Parking in The World

All courtesy of Streetsblog. I also saw the Seattle Bike Blog entry “Portland has upgraded 163 car parking spaces to create 1,644 bike spots” on the news and gotta say, that headline really points out what kind of boost to business a few bike corrals here and there have versus auto parking. Bike parking provides about 10x the parking for about … ? I’m not sure what fraction of the cost. If one had the same footprint – 163 car spaces removed and you had to make room for 1644 parking spots that would equal to about a 10 story auto parking facility. Which I’m sure would cost a bit more than the 163 parking places. So how much do people really pay for parking? I can only imagine the costs. To summarize, the United States has been getting the shaft by focusing on auto dependency in urban areas.




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