Transit… Meet

Sometimes it’s a transit beer, this time it’s a transit meet. Transit riders, rabble rousers and hobbyists, come one and all to the upcoming transit meet. Here’s the plan logistics.

We meet at 6:30pm on this coming Monday (tweet or DM me on twitter @transitsleuth to RSVP so we get a count for who is coming) at the OMSI Streetcar Stop (map) for a ride of the loop as is, with a stop at a destination that is to be determined. We’ll see how well we can make a decision on where to stop. So come with at least a buck or two for the streetcar fare! If you don’t have a buck, be sure to bring the new iPhone App and we’ll see how well it works!  …or breaks.  😦

Either way, here’s some topics that we’ll dive into:

  • Transit Sleuth TV will likely be filming, so bring your game face and tell us what you’d like to see on Transit Sleuth TV.
  • Where’s that new light rail, I mean bus rapid, I mean… where’s that new service going to go?
  • We’re going to take a look at Al’s favorite topic, labor costs and how driverless buses are the future! Super exciting!

On a Positive Note, Take a Route & Have a Beer!

Recently the Willamette Week had a great beer crawl transit + bike + walking routes list put together. Your’s truly made the list! I helped kick off this with the Trimet Route #4! Great list!!

Transit Meetup in Portland (Oregon) – Day, Time and Place!

Hello all, so after voting, here’s the winning day, time and place. Of course, since the CL Streetcar is rolling, let’s meet along that line just for fun. We’ll meet on Wednesday the 3rd at 6:45pm. Here’s the meeting place I’ve come up with.

Sizzle Pie Pizza
624 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214

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Ok, so it’s really on more than just merely the streetcar line. I figured that’d make things even easier. I’ll call ahead and forewarn them that a bunch of transit geeks will be arriving to fix all the world’s problems – so the appropriate fanfare should be prepared. 😉

…and remember, have a good transit ride so you can share the adventure when you arrive.

NOTE: This is an all ages place, so feel free one and all to join us. There is beer available, so you can toast to transit if you’d like. Cheers!

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