Carrying Things…

I was surfing about the web, reading things about transit and bikes. I stumbled upon this video from some San Francisco residents. It’s about getting started carrying things on your bike. This is an important thing to figure out – regardless of what mode of transport you use, if you carry things around regularly. It’s a good idea to come up with a solid strategy. This video was put together pretty well, so without further babbling, I thought I’d share it.

The CRC is Dead… Now How About A Real Option?

So the CRC is officially dead. At least in its present form. So the question remains, what to do about local traffic, pedestrian and cycle traffic and possibly even freight and transit options? What about Vancouvers dramatically lower standard of living than Portland’s? What about all of Vancouver’s problems, which are growing dramatically?

Maybe the politicians will actually look at some of the very real and vastly superior alternatives that so many had put forth.

I do have one other question… so if Trimet hired those guys that were supposed to work on the “CRC”, what are they doing with those people now?

I’m not sure, nor am I too concerned at the moment. But I’m really happy to see this project dead in the water for now (pun intended?). The CSA, or Common Sense Alternative still appears to be the most intelligent and useful in so many ways.