Streetcar is Out, Meet Logistical Changes…!

So I was just informed by Lane @PDXTransitlane that the CL Line is being served by a bus bridge while they add the switch to the OMSI stop location. So here’s the last minute switcheroo… we’re going to meet at McMenamins Market Street Pub. It’s on the streetcar line (NS and CL line technically). It’s located at 1526 SW 10th. Everything else is the same as mentioned previously.

Transit… Meet

Sometimes it’s a transit beer, this time it’s a transit meet. Transit riders, rabble rousers and hobbyists, come one and all to the upcoming transit meet. Here’s the plan logistics.

We meet at 6:30pm on this coming Monday (tweet or DM me on twitter @transitsleuth to RSVP so we get a count for who is coming) at the OMSI Streetcar Stop (map) for a ride of the loop as is, with a stop at a destination that is to be determined. We’ll see how well we can make a decision on where to stop. So come with at least a buck or two for the streetcar fare! If you don’t have a buck, be sure to bring the new iPhone App and we’ll see how well it works!  …or breaks.  😦

Either way, here’s some topics that we’ll dive into:

  • Transit Sleuth TV will likely be filming, so bring your game face and tell us what you’d like to see on Transit Sleuth TV.
  • Where’s that new light rail, I mean bus rapid, I mean… where’s that new service going to go?
  • We’re going to take a look at Al’s favorite topic, labor costs and how driverless buses are the future! Super exciting!

Trip Cancelled, But Only Momentarily!

Ok, some things came up and I had to cancel the trip at the last second. One of the beauties of Amtrak is that I’m not down for the cash (or points) for the trip!  Whew, made that 24 hour deadline. It sure beats the hell out of dealing with those airlines (except Virgin!)

So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging the logistics and plans instead of the trip itself. Hopefully with more insight I’ll be able to even hit up more cool stuff and publish it here on the ole’ blog! So stay tuned, I’ll have maps, logistics and updates coming soon.