Bike Life. Off to get some bagels in Redmond, Washington via the trails.

This is the – sort of – kick of to my VLOG. I’ve kicked off a new effort, that’s going to not just be code focused or music focused or bike focused, but it’ll be fairly heavily bike focused and metal focused and food focused and coffee focused and…

well you get the idea right?

I’m going to cover topics I like, exploring Redmond, Washington with frequent train trips into Portland, rides into Seattle, and on about the area. With a narrative along the various adventures from yours truly along with elaboration of the various places and their quality of life, cool points of interest, and all that jazz. Along with this, there will be some music, almost all written, composed, and performed by me. All of this is going to be wrapped together into the VLOG these days.

Some of the other criteria I’m attempting to meet for each episode includes:

  1. Keeping each episode under 10 minutes, with a few exceptions here and there.
  2. Focusing on 1-3 key segments, or topics, per episode.
  3. Improving a bit each episode.
  4. So far, doing the ENTIRE production, music, shots, and every other aspect myself.

In this episode, the main mission is finding a bagel shop in Redmond, which maybe I succeed in finding, maybe I don’t. You’ll have to watch the episode to find out! 🤣

Also, for those videographer types, please do critique and leave comments on how I can improve this and pending videos. Shot angles, shot ideas, and all that, I’m keenly interested in learning more about! With that, here is the video I’ve put together, hope you enjoy. Various time points within the video can be found below the link to the video.

  • 0:21 – Introduction.
  • 1:06 – Ride start with narration of the adventure. Plus, check out my edits! I might get pretty good at this video thing yet! 😬
  • 2:49 – Love catching friendly interactions! Lot’s of friendly people here in Redmond!
  • 3:19 – The secret (ok, not really, just hard to see) entrance to the back path road.
  • 5:12 – Blazing Bagel arrival! I also point out, which this will be interesting looking back in several years, at the unfinished light rail and parking garage construction.
  • 6:09 – The Blazing Bagel’s Super Dooper Van, or whatever they call it.
  • 6:17 – A 26 second coffee cup holder review.
  • 6:43 – Wrap up of the ride plus what’s coming up.
Episode 29 of the VLOG.

That’s it for this episode. Catch some of the earlier episodes and be sure to subscribe the channel on YouTube. Albeit, if you’re subscribed to this blog, I’ll be posting them here too.


  1. if you like bagels make your way over to grateful bread. it’s not too far northeast of the UVillage mall not too far off the burke gilman. once they get this whole light rail up and running it will be very easy to cover the whole city with a bike.


    1. Oh yeah, even with an e-bike it’s pretty easy. One of these breakfast days I’ll give ya a proper review in person of the R&M! It makes the trips in and out of the city a breeze. Maybe Grateful Bread is on the horizon for a sync up good sir! 🤙🏻


      1. Sounds like a plan. I am there on the regular 2 to 3 times a month to pick up bagels for the freezer.

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