The Transit & Pedestrian Only Bridge in Portland

I’m loving it more by the day! Really looking forward to putting it to use as I suspect thousands of others are.

It’s gonna go right smack THERE!  See below, you can kind of see the inlets and bridge pilings going in.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.


  1. I can’t believe a conservative like you is all excited about this government boondoggle…
    With all the problems going on at Trimet they go ahead with this?\
    Gawd your really disappointing me lately..


  2. Al, come now. I’m not a conservative in the traditional sense… I’m pro-this “boondoggle” as you call it because it’ll improve the standard of living drastically for another 30-50,000 people in the next decade. It’s also a great way to get Federal money back into the area that isn’t building some shitty road that doesn’t improve but maybe 10-300 people’s lives over 10 years and ends up sucking more money out of the country. Anyway, I digress… there are selfish reasons too. 😉

    That’s a lot of people, and it is a big improvement. We can discuss next time we sit down…

    Discussing on the Internet is next to impossible.


    1. I believe at that particular point it will be high enough as only certain size vessels travel any further up the river. Mostly it is smaller beam vessels. I mean, there really isn’t much more navigable river. Maybe 1-2 miles or such before the power/dam contraption.


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