Trimet is Taking Your Input & Preparing for Bus Route Changes… Have You Weighed In?

Bus on Route 70 Heads North from Milwaukie

Bus on Route 70 Heads North from Milwaukie

Here’s some of the suggestions that are¬†in the lead to actually be implemented. People have pushed for more weekend service on the 19 route, they want the 31 and 33 to create one new line that will increase service and frequency on Harrison Street and King Road, which would then serve to connect Clackamas Town Center. You too can weigh in easily by going to the¬† page and just click any of the “Weigh In” bubbles to the right of each route description and an email with a pre-populated subject line will appear. Add your comment (and likely your name, address and where you do or plan to live in that area and how it would affect or effect your daily travel).

I’m of the mindset, since¬†I’m planning a move to the area (see previous article), that the 19 is in serious need of increased service (provide input email, just click¬†here).¬†Currently the route between downtown, across the Ross Island Bridge, then down to Sellwood and out to Woodstock (and points beyond) is important for many.¬†I imagine with the light rail, the travel patterns will change between Woodstock and Sellwood, and Woodstock or Sellwood and downtown Portland. The main reason being, the transfer will alter the flow of travel options. Providing a new way to get to Milwaukie or¬†downtown Portland in a dramatically more timely fashion for many in Sellwood. Also the Woodstock to downtown and any other line that connects to the light rail will have¬†a faster trip in many ways. Simply put, there is a great potential to increase ridership in this area in pretty dramatic ways.

I myself in moving forward with my sleuth hat on, to see what I can do to help organize riders groups for transit usage advocacy and also, one may safely assume, bicycle advocacy. Also to note, where other input is being gathered includes future suggestions for the entire southeastern area of the city.

This site about southeastern improvements also includes a small section about the Powell-Division Transit Project. This project, in my opinion is extremely overdue. The #4 and #9 already are packed everyday, run long hours and provide a ton of service to two of the higher ridership lines. In the morning these buses are packed tight with people getting into and out of downtown. There is not really an easy way to increase ridership without some real changes. Trimet & Metro have more information about this proposed project on this site.

…stay tuned, I’ll definitely have more on this Powell-Division Transit Project¬†in the very near future, as I know many others along with myself use this corridor a lot!

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