Putting it All Together: Bike, Coffee, Life

December 28th, just a few days from the final night of 2014, I’ve set off for a ride around Portland. This year has been a tumultuous year of firsts and a year of frustrations. I deemed it a day I’d wrap up, before the final week of 2014, with one of the activities I unquestionably love combined with enjoying one of the things I love: biking and coffee.

I set off about noon from home. I turned from Park Avenue down on to Salmon and to the Waterfront. There to the Steel Bridge and up the switch back into the Rose Quarter area and on into Lloyd Center.

Before leaving Lloyd Center I cut over onto Multnomah. It seems, the permanent nature of the Multnomah Cycle-track is always a little less then permanent. As I rode along, the bus stop at the intersection on the corner of the movie theater parking lot had multiple cars swerve into and out of the cycle track and bus stop dedicated space. It’s part of the problem when only mere paint is what separates the two spaces. As I rolled on, even the space with the flimsy plastic bollards had been breached. The bollards that had protected the area had been knocked off of the surface of the street and placed to the side of the road near the sidewalk under a tree. Three of them sat there useless, dismembered from the road surface. I rode on. Continue reading →

I’m in The Boston Globe! Bicycling in Portland Gets Props

A few weeks ago I traveled to Boston. Which had nothing to do with me being part of an article in The Boston Globe, but I was there none the less, riding transit and checking out the bike lanes there in that fine city.

When I returned to Portland, a few days later I was riding down the Stark Street green painted bike lane (PDF) on my way to the Portland Chrome Store. While coming down the bike lane Derrick was taking a photograph of me for the write up (which unfortunately didn’t make it into the article). I stopped and we struck up a conversation with the Portland bike infrastructure manager, Derrick and I. After a good conversation Derrick returned to Boston a few days later and then after a week or so, put together this article “A successful model for urban cycling in Portland, Ore“.