Detroit, More Grass Roots to Show Us How To Do It!

So Detroit has been notorious for hitting the bottom of the barrel. In large part because so many people that should have cared, gave up and surrendered the city. Also because the city was run inappropriately. The list of issues, concerns, screw ups, racism, discrimination, spite, infighting, bad culture, car dependency and other things that have sunk this once great city is long. Extremely long. One thing that is becoming apparent though, and if the citizens of the once great city have anything to do about it, is that the city has life and that life intends to live well. It intends to give the city a rebirth of sorts.

Of course, there are a number of completely idiotic things that the city is doing, such as taking money to expand an interstate. Note, the city is at about 600k people versus the 2+ million the infrastructure is designed for. However, as I was saying, even in spite of these completely insane moves that are further sinking the city government, the city’s people are breathing new life into things that truly matter. Here’s a video of some of the cycling community taking to the streets for critical mass, to help out kids and provide after school activities and more. It’s a very heart lifting video.

Also, if that isn’t enough, Detroit has lit off one very unique bus company too. (I previously posted this some months ago, but it’s worth mentioning again!)

Could Portland Learn From Detroit, The Bankrupt City?!?!

An entrepreneur in Detroit (yeah, THAT city) has stepped up the transit game and has started a bus company. In all seriousness, a seriously HIP and COOL bus company!

Do I know what exactly is going on with this company that Andy Didorosi has put together? Not really, but I’m hustling on reading up on it to see what he’s pushing to do. Some of the other great material that he’s put together is the “bus from the bus driver’s view” section of his site which is great in pointing out where the “The Choke”, “The Stage”, “Creep Seats”, “Loud Talker Zone”, “F’you Bus Driver Zone” and other sections of the bus are. Check it out, it’s insightful and entertaining!

This guy is 26 and is making a footprint in Detroit, a city that STILL has 700k people. I’ve got a few suggestions for Detroit, but it’s going to be a battle. One thing to do, since it has all those massive roads, is to carve up a reasonable bike zone that goes everywhere. There’s no reason Detroit can’t be an excellent city. The crux is, it’s got to start from outside and inside the city to really work. My hat goes off to the entrepreneurs that are working to make it happen. Cheers!