Some More from the Snowpacalypse on Twitter

Before moving to far ahead, here’s a snapshot of transit at 4:29pm, still actually running pretty good going into rush hour.

Status as of 4:29pm on Thursday

Status as of 4:29pm on Thursday

‘A 100 Crashes’ of ‘chaos’. It’s called road infrastructure & auto-dependency dumb ass.

Meanwhile, as usual, the suburbs are definitely failing at this whole snow thing.

Well, except for people on bikes or such. It seems this is the running theme.

One of the only times DALLAS (yes, Dallas) is looking a little like Portland.

Snow Twitter!

Just a few of the photos from twitterverse from 2014’s #snowpacalypse in Portland.

Form his secrete lair, Al Marguiles watches the snow come down.

LOLz auto dependency.

The Mercury is getting delivered. What’s your excuse?

Photoshoppers unite!

…and sner!!!!