Some More from the Snowpacalypse on Twitter

Before moving to far ahead, here’s a snapshot of transit at 4:29pm, still actually running pretty good going into rush hour.

Status as of 4:29pm on Thursday

Status as of 4:29pm on Thursday

‘A 100 Crashes’ of ‘chaos’. It’s called road infrastructure & auto-dependency dumb ass.

Meanwhile, as usual, the suburbs are definitely failing at this whole snow thing.

Well, except for people on bikes or such. It seems this is the running theme.

One of the only times DALLAS (yes, Dallas) is looking a little like Portland.

Snow Twitter!

Just a few of the photos from twitterverse from 2014’s #snowpacalypse in Portland.

Form his secrete lair, Al Marguiles watches the snow come down.

LOLz auto dependency.

The Mercury is getting delivered. What’s your excuse?

Photoshoppers unite!

…and sner!!!!

Transit Sleuth Weekly Picture (006)

So my weekly pictures had a hickup. Hopefully I can get em’ back in order, here’s another. This was from a trip I took to Vancouver, British Columbia a few months back. Even though the picture was taken with a really crappy Blackberry Camera, it has a nice, yet off, balance to it.

Sea From the Train

Sea From the Train

A Ton To Write…

I need a vacation.  Not to go somewhere exotic, but just to stop and write up my latest bits of travel and such.  Some of the things I’d really, really like to get to soon.

  • The Things Seattle Needs:  Bike Corrals, Better Green Box Campaigns, and Harder access for Suburbanites, and finally a few slower streets and more quite in Belltown and residential areas after 5:00pm.
  • What Seattle is doing right on the way to the future:  Streetcar on Broadway, Light Rail to U-District, and Light Rail to Redmond.
  • Why the 520 Expansion is unparalleled ignorance the the measurable facts.
  • Why Vancouver, Canada makes Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco look like they’re clueless about transit, confused about livability, and generally makes most American Cities look like 3rd world hovels by comparison.

That’s just a few that I have in the queue.  There are lots more, but my time has literally disappeared in 2010 as I’ve re-focused heavily in my career.

Hopefully I still have a few of you guys (Al M, Chad, and others) out there checking or subscribed via RSS feed.  😉

Anyway, I’m hustling and hope to have the bits about Vancouver up sooner than later!