Rapid Ride is Rocking The Ridership in Seattle!

So it looks like the new C Rapid Ride line is by far more popular than the existing two (or I guess the one out to Ballard). Maybe I’m off, but I don’t even recall if they really so a legit ridership spike when the other two opened.

Good for Seattle though, getting that ridership up and people out of their cars! Money back into the economy instead of flowing out to middle eastern (or Russian) places.

Between this and Amazon buying streetcars for service in Seattle, they’re gettin’ some pretty decent bumps in ridership. Now they just need to work on the biking issue… they should be seeing larger numbers biking than do. Part of the crux is the extremely dangerous conditions downtown. How about a single road into and out of town that is bike only? Now that would be Seattle into an actual leadership position (well, maybe not next to Vancouver BC)!

Transit Sleuth Weekly Picture (008) – Market Street Cyclists & Streetcar in San Francisco

This next few weeks of the transit sleuth weekly picture is going to be shots from my trip to San Francisco for RICON 2012 & HTML 5 Developers Conference. After that I’ll have some of King County Transit’s Seattle psuedo BRT lines. Until then, enjoy.

Market Street Cyclists & Streetcar at Commuting Time

Market Street Cyclists & Streetcar at Commuting Time

I really like this shot, as it shows the beauty of San Francisco among all the chaos and busy of Market Street. The volume of cyclists these days since they fixed Market for real throughput, has been phenomenal! I’m highly impressed by this improvement in the city.

…and yes, for those counting, this is an “extra” picture for this week. 😉

Transit Sleuth Weekly Picture (007)

A little streetcar & a little MAX

A little streetcar & a little MAX

Portland Streetcar Has a Safety Message

See the video yet? Please be safe around the streetcar tracks! 🙂

Kind of sappy and silly, but seriously everyone needs to bear in mind the streetcar is there. The tracks aren’t coming up and they’re getting more popular again. So be safe and careful to approach the tracks safely.

Transit Sleuth Weekly Picture (006) :: Rail Frogs in Portland

This is the cropped and slightly altered image.

The Frogs...

The Frogs…

…and here’s the original for comparison.

Rail Frogs where the Streetcar & MAX cross with the turn around downtown.

Rail Frogs where the Streetcar & MAX cross with the turn around downtown.